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Gawas Farm is located on beautiful St. Joseph Island.

Our farm is nestled at the base of limestone ridge on beautiful St. Joseph Island. We are the second generation on this piece of land and are raising our 5 children to care and manage this land with future generations in mind.



All products are produced using the same level of care.   Following Canadian standards, our meat has no hormones or antibiotics.  Meat is also wrapped with paper whenever possible to limit our use of single use plastics.



We believe taking care of the land and the animals in our care is not only beneficial to our current generation but also future generations.  Clean water, fertile soil, and healthy animals are of utmost importance.  We want to hand down this land in better condition than when we received it.


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We believe that family relationships are very important.  We work with our children to teach them how to care for the animals we have and the land we live and farm on.  If we don't care for what we have now, then future generations wont have that opportunity. That is why we stand firmly behind "...sustainable farming for generations...".

Local products from our family to yours.